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A full-service agency that won’t outsource your project, and will get you results

When it comes to marketing your brand or business you don’t want to deal with multiple companies or someone that outsources your needs. Whether it’s print, digital or website, TV or billboards, we do it all.




We are a Lean Agency with Big results.

“Salted Advertising has been invaluable in pulling together our marketing needs at Baskin-Robbins in the Memphis market.  Lucianne and her team are not working for you, but rather with you. They garner a full understanding of our business and are able to tailor a marketing plan that maximizes reach amongst various media platforms while getting the most out of our advertising budget.  Salted has been 31derful in allowing input from us, the client, and combining their experience to create truly effective marketing campaigns that resonate with our customers and drive increased sales.”
— Scott Schwartz, Baskin-Robbins Business Development

Small business Consultations

Small business Consultations

Baskin- Robbins 2016 & 2017